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The Mayflower Families Silver Books Index is here!

by Bonnie Wade Mucia, Silver Books Project Director   The Silver Books Project started in 1959, with the first Mayflower Families volume published in 1975. Since then, multiple volumes have been published. Forty-one books are still in use, each with its own Index. The only way to check if someone was named in numerous volumes was to look in each book separately.   For decades, the Mayflower Families Silver Books have provided genealogical scholarship on colonial families. The research extends to migration throughout New England and the United States. Often, colonial families intermarried with other Mayflower passenger families. Mayflower descendants don’t have a family tree – it’s more like creeping Ivy! It is not uncommon for someone to be descended from multiple Mayflower passengers.    When I first became the Silver Books Director in 2020, I wondered if we could somehow create one Index of all the currently used indices to make research easier. Genealogists, Mayflower Historians,

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